Student Advisory

Do not pay for unnecessary services!

Avoid unnecessary expenses and wasting time on your arrival in Barcelona

When someone moves to a new country it’s easy to make wrong decisions, such as hiring health insurance that gives you a bad service, or fall for scams while renting an apartment. It is also easy to forget completing essential paperwork such as registering or obtaining a foreign identification card (TIE). For all this we have created services that can help you make your stay in Barcelona as easy and pleasant as possible. And when the time comes to go back home, it’s useful to have someone who can assist you with paperwork such as the legalization of diplomas faster and cheaper.

Asesoría Estudiantil Barcelona



  • Video call from 45 to 50min.
    We will analyze your case in a personalized way and assess the options that may apply in your situation whether for visa applications, renewals residences or others.

STUDY PERMIT (Student Visa)


This service is for those who travel to Spain as tourists and wish to apply for a study visa.

  • Before travelling: Requirement information to prepare yourself before your trip.
  • Online application for the Study Visa.
  • Management of International health insurance for the student visa application.
  • Personalized management for house registering
  • Previous appointment to obtaining the Spanish ID for students (TIE/NIE) (Nº de Identificación de Extranjeros).
  • 30 minutes of free use of eCooltra electric motorcycle. eCooltra

Welcome Pack


For those who have already arrived in Barcelona with student visa or resident visa, this pack includes:

  • In Barcelona: Tutoring for foreign students “living in Barcelona as a local”.
  • Personalized management for house registering.
  • Appointment for obtaining the Spanish ID for students (TIE/NIE) (Nº de identificación de extranjeros).
  • Management of bank account opening.
  • 30 minutes of free use of eCooltra electric motorcycle. eCooltra

Renewal Pack


For those who wish to continue their stay, and extend their study authorization, or renewal of residence.

  • Personalized advisory, revision of the current residence status and provide all the renewal options.
  • Preparation of documentation required for renewal of studies.
  • Uploading the documentation to the administration system.
  • Personalized management in order to obtain the new TIE card.



  • This residence is aimed at students who have completed their studies, in the last 2 years or recently, and have a job offer with a sponsoring company.
  • Personalized advice on obtaining requirements for this residence
  • Advice to the sponsoring company on the requirements and procedure for applying for this residence
  • Management of presentation of the request of the residence for practices.
  • Personalized management for house registering and obtaining the Spanish ID for students (NIE) (Nº de Identificación de Extranjeros).

Return Pack

  • Management of the legalization of academic certificates and official university diplomas. Apply only in Barcelona city, not for other locations.
  • Notarized and apostille management.
  • Documentation shipping by certified mail to your destination country.