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Business Advisory

Asesoría Empresarial Barcetip Barcelona

Constitution of companies

  • Self-employed - freelancers.
  • Corporations.
  • Legal entities.
  • State tax planning: Find the best tax option that the legislation foresees for your current and future businesses, as well as for your personal assets.
  • Local and international corporate taxation: we analyze your business operations individually and globally to determine the tax consequences in Spain, the European Union and worldwide.
  • Internationalization processes for companies: we support you in the process of opening branches and subsidiaries advising on the taxation in the country of your choice, as well as the benefits you can take advantage of.
  • Tax advisory for foreigners: we advise on taxation of the staff that your company maintains abroad, as well as the foreign hired staff.
  • Recurring tax advisory service: VAT quarterly statement, annual IRPF statement, and annual declaration of corporation tax.