Sanitas has developed the product “Sanitas international students”

One of the most important aspects when planning your studies abroad, is to hire a good health insurance. SANITAS INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS, is a product that offers repatriation in case of death and adapts to all the necessary visa requirements for you to study in Spain. It is a service without co-payments, that is, you do not have to advance any money if you need to go to the doctor or to a hospital. It also has no shortages and you can use all your services from the first day. In addition to their own health centers, you can choose which doctor to visit you with in a list of more than 40,000 professionals.

Many students, and at the time several of the members of Barcetip, come to study with a health insurance expense compensation. This means that when you go to the doctor you have to pay the bill from your pocket and then claim your insurance company to get your money back. Some own experiences and friends confirm that these processes are long, complicated and sometimes end without receiving the compensation to which you are entitled.

For this reason, insurance is more practical without co-payments, such as Sanitas. You can process from your country, simply by sending us a photocopy of your passport and the university admission letter. And you can pay it by credit card, with a letter of authorization for payment that we will issue to you.
If you wish, check the cost at, besides being a better option you will probably save money.

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