Barcetip staff conducts an immigration training at Geneva Business School

Last January 11 we were at the GENEVA BUSINESS SCHOOL, explaining to its administrative staff the main procedures that the students of their university have to face, in order to regularize their stay.

The presentation addressed both the requirements to obtain the student visa, prior to traveling to our country, and obtaining the NIE (Foreigner Identification Number) once in Spanish territory.

These procedures vary depending on the country of origin of the student and it is very important that they are carried out correctly to avoid being in an irregular situation in the country.

Attendees became familiar with the procedures related to the registration and obtaining a prior appointment in the immigration office. The procedure to manage the work practices of the students was also informed, as well as the options they have if they wish to extend their stay in Spain.

Barcetip is a consultancy specializing in serving foreign students, not only during their student period but also afterwards in cases that wish to remain in our country working or setting up their own company. If you want more information about our services you can contact us at

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